Back Cover Replacement


Back Cover Replacement

What if you drop your brand new mobile phone and the back cover glass broken into pieces? The very next thing that comes to your mind is to get the device repaired in order to avoid further damage. Broken glass can be harmful for your fingers and needs to get repaired as soon as possible. The question is, what you can exactly do to make it sure that you will get your back cover replaced as good as new?

iSpeakPhone is here to fix your device and we charge less as compared to other companies in the market. We use only top-notch parts in the replacement process and don’t believe in the use of low quality parts. This allows us to give great service at reasonable price because ultimately we want our customers to be satisfied with the quality of the repair. If you are in dire need to get your mobile phone back in its previous condition, continue reading to know how you get your device repaired.



Working Condition:

We turn on the mobile phone and check it if it’s in a working condition or not.

 step 1



Glass Removal: 

We turn it off and set the cracked phone on the fixture. Later, we use special tools to cut the back glass on a laser machine and clean it properly.




High quality glue: 

We align and assemble it with special high-quality glue.

step 3




Final Check: 

We wait until the back glass properly bonded and then check the phone. All works well, glass replacement done.






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