Accidents happen all the time especially when it comes to mobile phones. If you have dropped your phone and it has stopped working, you may need to get your phone repaired. If your phone is not responding to your commands and gets too slow, it may have damaged motherboard. Now the question is, Can motherboard be fixed? Here specifically we are talking about iphone motherboard, so yes it can be fixed. But it depends on the cost of the repair, if the cost of repair exceeded than the original price of the phone, then it is totally worthless to spend money on that. You can find our iphone repair prices here.

Is it possible for you to fix your phone’s motherboard? No, it is not. Because motherboard requires a proper skill set and expertise. Motherboard is a very complex part of your phone. It is mostly called the heart of the phone. Without it, your phone will stop working. So it’s significant to establish whether your phone has issues because of the defective motherboard. Anyhow, it is really not a joke to repair a defective motherboard, but our highly technical experts at iSpeakPhone can figure out what exactly causing your motherboard not working.




Normally repair shops don’t bother about your data, they normally restore/erase everything. iSpeakphone cares about your data and we do not risk your data at any cost. If your phone has stopped working or it has dropped or water damaged, we initially figure it out if it has a software issue, then we just enter into recovery mode and update it. If update failed it shows there must be a hardware issue with your phone. If the phone causes a boot loop, we put another battery and try if it’s working. If not working then it may have a motherboard issue. There’s high possibility of the IC or a component failure but it’s not impossible to repair.



If your phone suddenly stops working, you try to fix it on your own. Sometimes you may figure out the problem but most of the times it requires a lot of experience or a special skill set to fix the issue. If you are not a technician, it is difficult for you to tell what’s exactly happening with your phone. It requires a lot of expertise to repair a motherboard particularly. Recognizing the fact that fixing a motherboard from an unexperienced person can cause further damage to your phone. For that you need a repair shop, However we are always here for you. iSpeakPhone technicians have all the expertise regarding all kind of devices. With years of experience it is no longer difficult to detect and repair motherboard.