How to Differentiate Premium & Premium Plus Quality?

New KW LCDs in Premium and Premium plus quality for iphone LCD replacements

Since 2018, iPhone Premium plus quality LCDs have been in the market and everyone is talking about it vigorously. But, how you are going to decide which is best for your business to buy and sell further?

We,  Ispeakphone Inc, have been in the business of iPhone Premium plus quality LCDs screens since its launch and now we have decided to help you out choosing the best option by going through Premium and Premium Plus features, pricing and recommendations based on our usage and experience. We bet you will find this article worth reading. Let's start with the featuring of both qualities.

Which Quality Will be best for you?

Let's be very honest here that bombardment of news information and updates like there is just high quality in the market now, your competitors are buying and making money. Every wholesale company will throw up different names of those qualities which became quite confusing throughout.

Also, everyone has different business needs and it doesn't mean that if major competitors going for a trend, you should adopt it too. No no, You have to understand your business requirements first and the target customers you have. One more thing to consider that every supplier with iPhone Parts has its own specification of LCD screens and it's very complex to really understand the differences between one supplier's quality versus another. That is why at IspeakPhone Inc. we are providing high-quality iPhone LCD screens with the simplest two categories.

Ispeakphone only has two distinctive and high-quality iPhone LCD Screens:

1. Premium Quality LCD Screens

2. Premium Plus Quality LCD Screens

We have also provided an infographic for clear comparison so that you can have no further confusions:

Comparison table of features for iphone LCDs premium and premium Quality 

What's the need of different qualities for iPhone LCD screens?

With the changing horizons of cell phone repair parts wholesale industry in the US, it's very important to keep updated with the customer changing needs.  You want to able to offer your client options on what is best for your Customer and your Company. Also, when the customer is more price conscious then you have to offer different qualities for catering price-savvy and quality conscious customers both. This is why Ispeakphone Inc as a number one cell phone repair parts wholesale in the US offers a lifetime warranty on all our products regardless of the screen quality difference.

And, how can we forget our retail customers who are only looking for the best quality repair parts to fix their iPhone LCD screens? We understand that sometimes you are looking to fix a device to resell or to hand it down to another family member, which is why we offer both a Premium quality LCD screens versions and Premium Plus quality LCD screen versions. If you just want to fix your phone or want to buy a quality LCDs for your new phone, You don't need to worry in both cases as Ispeakphone Inc got you covered!

Why choose Ispeakphone for getting Premium and Premium plus quality iPhone LCDs?

Being in the cell phone repair parts wholesale industry for more than 10 years, we clearly understand how to earn the loyalty of our valued customers by providing them only quality services and repair parts. We only offer those products which meet our quality standards after deep testing.

At the moment now Ispeakphone is providing the only perfect solution for LCD Brightness and Polarizer in cell phone after-market. Our Premium Plus quality LCD screens comprise of following features which makes us the only cell phone repair parts wholesale in the US with affordable prices offering.

  • High-quality connector, perfect connect your product.
  • RA copper processed of FPC the folding times is 30% more than ordinary material.
  • Ultra-high brightness makes you see the display clear even under the strong sunshine.
  • (5.5-inch above 400nit, max.565nit; 4.7 above 450nit, max.550nit)
  • KW 3D let you play 3D games more active and energetic.
  • 360°outstanding vision with sunglasses.
  • 100% pass original iPhone LCD test standard.

All above in competitive prices at Ispeakphone Inc where you can get real value for your money. So what are you waiting for? Check out those by clicking here.


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