LCD Buyback Hacks For Getting Maximum Payout

LCD Maximum payout


Have you ever thought about protecting the broken or cracked cell phones LCD screens while sending them to sell? You must be thinking “Why would I? they are already damaged.” Well, let me tell you, the latest research has proven that 60% of the Broken cell phone LCD sellers don't get much payout in return due to not caring for their packaging. And the remaining 40% not choosing the right cell phones LCD Buyback buyer.

Now, what to do as you have damaged broken and cracked cell phone LCDs but don't know how to safely get them to the right LCD buyback buyer. Don't worry, we are here to help you with secret cell phone LCD packaging hacks for generating more revenue by selling broken LCDs.

Standard Rules to follow:

  1. Never go with empty space left in the packaging box. Before sealing the LCD package with the tape make sure there is no Space left. To check that, follow the steps below: 
    • Place your broken cell phone LCDs in the box carefully
    • Cover the box with the lid
    • Shake the box vigorously for 5 seconds
    • if you hear the content of the box striking together then more safety filler material is needed
  2. Take care of the box’s dimensions and choose according to the number of cracked or broken cell phone LCD screens.
  3. Go for the recycle boxes that they are sturdy enough and undamaged  

Packaging Instructions:

  1. TAPE: It is highly recommended to use enough tape to close the box properly and try to pack from each side of the box.
  2. BOX:   Choosing the box is also of high importance for safety. If the carton box will have large letters printed on it with “FRAGILE-GLASS” the carrier will handle the broken cell phone LCDs package with extra responsibility and care.
  3. WEIGHT:   Another important aspect is to keep into consideration the final weight of the box with broken cracked or damaged cell phone LCDs.  The final weight of the box should not be exceeded to the allowed weight. It is strongly recommended not to pack more than 350-400 LCDs or a maximum of 15.5 kg in one box

Packaging with Air Cushions:

Air cushions are highly important for preventing cell phone LCDs from initial damage or further hazards while shipping to the buyback address. Let us tell you one secret here, Never throw away your new LCDs Air cushions as they can be very handy in packaging broken cell phone LCDs and making them securely landing in your ispeak phone warehouse for refurbishing services or getting maximum buyback payout.

The cell phone LCDs packaging with air cushions process and steps involved are more or less the same as of packaging without airbags but some steps need to be followed:

how to create an LCD package with cushions

  1. It is best to use the air cushion bags in which your cell phone LCD screens are supplied
  2. Place the broken cell phone LCD screens in air cushion bags with the flex cables facing the open side of the bag.
  3. Make sets of 10 LCD screens and keep the sets together with an elastic band. Make sure that the elastic is not so tight that the screens can be damaged.
  4. Place the sets in the shipping box on a layer of paper plugs and also fill the sides and top of the box with paper plugs so that the contents cannot move.

Packaging Without Air Cushions Bags:

Yes, we said earlier that packaging your broken or cracker LCDs with air cushion is the best but if you don’t have it don't worry we are here to help you out with some easy peasy steps to take making your LCDs safe to the ispeak phone warehouse without any further damage which will also give you maximum LCD buyback program payout in return.

packaging step to follow LCD broken screen

Step - 1

Place two LCD screens with the front facing each other (face-to-face)

Step - 2

Place two sets of 2 pieces with the backs against each other (back-to-back)

Step - 3

Make a stack of five pairs of LCD screens (so a total of 10 screens). Wrap each stack in bubble wrap. Seal the bubble wrap with tape so that the foil does not open during shipment. Fill the box with packaging chips; these act as shock absorbers.

Step - 4

Place the sets wrapped in bubble wrap in the packaging chips and ensure that the sets are surrounded by the packaging chips. If you want to send multiple layers of sets, protect the layers with, for example, a padded envelope so that the sets cannot move.

Step - 5

Place packaging chips around the packaged LCD screens and along the inside of the box. This prevents shifting and minimizes the risk of damage. Tape the box tightly so that it does not open accidentally.

Choosing the best LCD Buyback Buyer:

You have packed your cell phone broken LCDs very carefully but what if you still don't get the maximum payout?

Quite disappointing and frustrating clearly but its foremost reason is that most of the retailers or sellers trust those buyback buyers which only care of their own business and providing minimum prices with no clarification of the broken LCD buyback Standards. Consider below key indicators of good cell phone LCDs Buyback buyer:

  1. Free Shipping Labels: Chose those cell phone parts wholesale retailers who offer free shipping labels for you LCDs packages. Saving the cost of a shipping label with getting you more revenue for your cell phone broken LCDs.

  2. Cell Phone LCDs Test Standards: Buyback buyers having properly communicated cell phone LCDs test standards with clearly good prices are good to go because before sending them your LCDs you will have a clear idea of what you can get in return.

  3. Runtime buyback payout calculation system:  Do you know that you can actually calculate you buyback payout on runtime just by selecting your LCDs models and their types? Yes, the cell phone wholesale industry has gotten much better features and very few US cell phone parts wholesale companies have this buyback payout calculator online. This feature allows you to have an exact quote for your broken LCDs and makes it easy for you to decide if you want to sell your LCDs to the buyer.

  4. Online Credit System:  Last but not least,  having the freedom to either get cash or online credit to buy something useful from the cell phone parts wholesale store as a retailer. like buyback calculator, not everyone will offer you this freedom of choice of getting your payout or online credits to save for more useful future use. Chose those buyback buyers with this online credit system. to check just login to the buyback program and have a look at your user dashboard.

Summing up the whole tips and guidelines, make the most use of your broken LCDs by taking good care of how you packed them and by selling them to the reputed buyback buyer. Always go for the Number one cell phone LCDs Buyback Program in US. Their customer testimonials and all the above key indicators will surely tell you which one is the most trusted one.

Happy Earning!

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