LCD Screens renewal process in comparison to Aftermarket Screens

Are you worried about your broken LCD?

If the LCD of your phone is fully functioning then it can be renewed or reprocessed. Mostly broken LCDs with working screens can be fully renewed and returned to a new state. Considering it is quite a difficult process because it requires a highly technical machine and expertise. IspeakPhone has technicians with over 10 years of experience with a great customer satisfaction. We offer you a high tech renewal program in order to give you the best service and quality. If you have a working iPhone or Samsung displays with cracked screen, and you are likely to use them again, why not send them to us for the renewal process. The quality and service we are providing is far greater than aftermarket screens. Usually when the screen gets cracked, it’s basically the exterior glass that has been damaged, and the original LCD continue to work as normal. Therefore the original LCD of your mobile will not be replaced, meaning you can get your mobile phone as good as new.Aftermarket LCD screens in comparison to IspeakPhone renewed LCD screens When your mobile phone has a broken LCD and you want it fixed as soon as possible and as cheaply as possible. Mostly, consumers don’t have any idea about how many components make up a single mobile screen and how does those components affect the quality of your mobile screen. IspeakPhone Renewed LCD screens has quite a few advantages over Chinese LCD screens. Undoubtedly aftermarket parts are of no substitute for original parts. How we do value add-on is that the original LCD remains the same and only the glass is replaced, the quality of the screen remains the same as compared to aftermarket replacement. Whereas in Chinese LCD the glass and LCD both are replaced.

LCD screen: LCD basically shows the retina display and it has the digitizer attached which controls the touch screen. LCD of the mobile phone is attached to the glass screen internally.So, LCD is a major component and if it’s broken it is irreplaceable. Therefore we renew LCDs in a working condition and replace glass only. Aftermarket companies replace LCDs and the quality of the screen is not as good as the original one and they often have problems with touch screen.

Glass and frame: LCD is the far most important component of any mobile phone, nonetheless glass and frame are also very significant and not surprisingly there are also copies of glass and frame used by aftermarket which vary in quality. The aftermarket screens normally come up with a lower glass quality. The display may break again due to the low glass quality. While renewing LCD we pay close attention to the quality of the glass and frame.

Battery: The aftermarket LCD screens can affect your battery life, as the screen is not original it can cause battery to deteriorate faster. Whereas we are keeping original LCD so that will have no effect on the battery as compared to aftermarket LCD screens.

Color differences: Aftermarket phone screens has a color difference that is quite noticeable. If you compare both the screens, aftermarket screen tend to have slightly dull blue color as compared to the original one. Whereas screen will work properly and it will look just like normal phone, but the difference will be there. Therefore IspeakPhone provides you mobile with original look and feel with no difference due to its original LCD. Thickness: As aftermarket screens replace the glass as well as LCD, they use a thicker LCD with many layers causing LCD screen to look thick. The difference will be slightly noticeable.

Polarizer issues: LCDs use a polarizer film and if installed incorrectly it will make the screen dimmer, causing ambiguity to see the screen through polarized sun glasses.

Renewal process:

Step1: Request a free quote

Step2: Post your LCD’s

Step3: We renew your LCD’s

Step4: LCD’s are returned Now you must be thinking what our renewal process is and how we do it? Here’s the renewal process: Once we receive your screens we test each screen to make sure that the LCD is in a working condition, or there are no damaged pixels or pressure marks visible on the screen. Normally people continue using their mobile phones with a cracked or a broken glass for a longer period of time that causes pressure marks on the screen. Pressure marks basically shows itself as green, White, red or blue marks that are only possible to see in the dark. Therefore we perform test by turning off the lights in order to check the pressure marks.

Renewal process:

Glass removal: We basically separate the screen using cutting wire so that we can retain the original backlight. Once we remove the glass we also remove the polarizer. Some companies use thin wire to separate the glass in order to save the original polarizer, but we replace it.

Building new glass and polarizer: After the detailed cleaning of the screen we move on to replace the glass. There is no risk of the screen lifting from the frame because we are using original frame, glass and polarizer.


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